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Vice President Venkaiah Naidu Address UoH, says Multi Disciplinary Universities must work hard to be among the best

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Vice President M Venkaiah Naidu in an address stated that India can become the hub of Knowledge and innovations and the universities are required to play a leading role in fostering an environment of creativity, inventiveness and enterprise. He further added that the universities must not only become the centres of research but also establish close links with the industry.

Inauguration of Amenities Centre UoH

The Vice President was speaking after the inauguration of the new Amenities Centre at the University of Hyderabad (UoH). While speaking at the event, he also stated that the need of the hour is to channelize the energies of the young in constructive, nation-building activities. He further pointed out that at present the nation was passing through a critical point and facing many challenges. He has also advised the youth to come up with innovative solutions to handle the problems. He has also urged the youth to lead the way in eradicating illiteracy, fighting diseases, facing the challenges of the Agriculture sector, tackling problems like discrimination and other social atrocities on women along with eliminating corruption to build a new India.

Research to be encouraged

The Vice President in his address also expressed his satisfaction that the new National Education Policy proposes a National Research Foundation to look into the research done in the country and gives priority to skill baked education imparting the employability skills required for the 21st Century.

Higher Education Institutions must work on becoming the best

The Vice President while expressing his concerns that only a few Indian Higher Education Institutions have been featured in the world rankings he stared that multidisciplinary universities in the country should work to be among the best. He added that it is a matter of concern that only a new Indian Higher Education Institutions have been featured in the world rankings including IIT Bombay, IIT Delhi, IISc who were featured in the QS Ranking in the top 200. 

He points out that the multidisciplinary universities should buckle up and work to be among the best in the world and in order to achieve this, the Higher Education Institutions must promote the couture of innovative research and focus on quality publications in the top journals.

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