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Schools in Rajasthan to Remain Closed Today due to State Mourning, Intense Protest over School Fees, Details Here

The Department of Education, Rajasthan has announced a holiday for all schools and offices in the state on 17th November 2020. The holiday is for state mourning as a mark of respect for former Education Minister Bhanwar Lal Ji who passed away yesterday. The schools and offices will, thus, remain closed today. The State Government has also not released any instructions with regards to the reopening of schools in the state.

Rajasthan School Reopening

Schools in the state of Rajasthan were expected to reopen from 17th November 2020. The Government is yet to issue any specific instructions with regards to Rajasthan School Reopening. The Government of Rajasthan had extended the lockdown and announced that the schools and colleges in the state to remain closed until 16th November 2020. The earlier plan of the State Government to reopen the schools from 2nd November 2020 was not seen through.

Row over Rajasthan School Fees

Many private schools in the state have been protesting the government order released forbidding the collection of school fees from the students. The State Government also ordered the reduction of school tuition fees by 30 to 40 per cent in October 2020 which was extended to the private schools – those affiliated to RBSE as well as those affiliated to CBSE. The Government passed an order stating the fact that the syllabus has been cut by 30% by CBSE and 40% by RBSE. The Progressive Association School of Rajasthan filed a plea in the Rajasthan High Court against the decision, calling the order discriminatory.

The online classes were suspended by the private schools in the state from 5th November 2020. Moreover, protests were launched state-wise in which nearly 50 thousand private schools participated. 5 representatives each of a collective of schools would assemble in Jaipur, keeping in view of all the COVID-19 safety guidelines to put forward their point in front of the Government.

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