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Memory Based, Topics, Concepts & More!

NTA (National Testing Agency) successfully conducted JEE Main 2020 today (8th January 2020) and on 6th & 7th January 2020. Jagran Josh visited an examination centre in New Delhi and collected feedback from students. Here we have provided topics, concepts and questions from the JEE Main 2020 paper. You can also watch the complete video to learn complete details. In the video, students are talking about important Questions, Topics, Concepts from which questions were asked in the Computer Based Test (CBT).

JEE Main 2020 (6th, 7th & 8th January, All Shifts): Exam Analysis, Review & Updates – With Video

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JEE Main 2020 Paper 1: Memory Based Questions, Topics, Concepts & More:

Please note that exact options of multiple-choice questions are not provided here. In this article, you will learn about key concepts from which questions have been asked in JEE Main 2020 Paper. 

Important questions, topics, concepts & other details from the feedback of students are given below: 

⇨ Plaster of Paris: Chemical Formula

⇨Question based on Saytzeff rule

⇨ Gauss Law

⇨ Vector Multiplication 

⇨Conceptual questions related to Dalton’s Atomic Theory 

⇨Conceptual questions related to Crystal Field Theory 

⇨Number of chiral carbon in the Chloramphenicol

⇨ What is the Dipole moment of CH4 ?

⇨ Method to calculate variable dielectric 

⇨The half-life of strontium-90 is 28 years. How long will it take a 44 mg sample to decay to a mass of 11 mg?

⇨Variable dielectric

⇨Damped Oscillations

⇨Question based on Zeolites

More question and topics will be available here shortly.

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Bharat Bandh Tomorrow: JEE Main to be held as per Schedule, ICAR NET 2020 Postponed, Get Updates Here

– Bharat Bandh Live Updates: Schools closed in Bhubaneshwar, JEE Main, UPTET to be held as per schedule

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