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India Rises to Position 15 with IIT Delhi as most Employable

Global Employability Ranking & Survey 2020: India has been featured in the top 15 positions in the recently unveiled Global Employability Ranking & Survey 2020. India has shown a commendable increase in overall employability rising in ranks from its earlier 23rd rank in 2010, in a comprehensive report on the performance of the universities of various countries. Among the institutes in India, the Indian Institute of Technology Delhi has been raked as most employable in the country and is placed at 27th position in the world.

GEURS 2020 – World Universities

The study has been published by Times Higher Education and French HR Consultancy group Emerging. The study focuses on most employable locations for higher educations and reveals that top educational institutes in the US and the UK have masked the general decline of such locations in terms of employability. While universities in the United States of America continue to dominate at the top spot, several universities of other countries also have shown a tremendous improvement in employability over the last decade. Germany at 3rd, China at 5th and South Korea at 9th positions are among the best-performing countries in Global Employability Ranking & Survey 2020.

GEURS 2020 – Indian Universities

While IIT Delhi has been deemed as the most employable in India, its position also improved globally from 54th in 2019 to 27th in 2020. The Indian Institute of Technology Bombay has also been featured at top 150 in the GEURS 2020 with its rank at 128, an improvement of 25 places from the earlier rank of 153in 2019. Among the fresh entries of this year include Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur and Amity University included in the Top 250 Rankings with IIT Kharagpur at 195th and Amity at 236th rank. Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore is the only other university to have featured in top 150 in GEURS 2020 whose ranking has declined to Rank 71 from Rank 43 in 2019.

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