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Education Minister Pokhriyal applauds Successful Conduct of Exams in Maharashtra

On Wednesday, Education Minister Ramesh Pokhriyal `Nishank’  speaking at an event organised by the Maharashtra Education Society applauded the educational institutes in the state for conducting exams successfully. The Minister praised the efforts of the educational institutes for conducting the final year exams amid the COVID-19 pandemic and despite opposition. The Minister who attended the event via video conferencing also praised the teachers as well as the educational institutes for accomodating to teach via online platforms during the pandemic.

The Minister’s Statement

Mr Pokhriyal said that the Union Government was keen on conducting exams for the final year students. He said that had the students been passed without exams, they would have had to carry the burden of `passed during COVID-19′ throughout their lives. He further added that despite opposition and Supreme Court petitions, which were evenly quashed, the Union Government took a firm decision to conduct the exams.  

The Education Minister also spoke about the successful conduct of JEE and NEET exams, the national level entrance exams for screening candidates to engineering and medical courses. He said although there were protests against the decision to conduct JEE Main and NEET 2020, the majority of the students who had worked really hard to prepare for the exams wanted the same to be conducted.  

Education Minister on NEP 2020

The education minister also spoke on the New Education Policy and lay emphasis on teaching the students in their mother tongue. He said that experts believe that teaching a child in mother tongue improves comprehension. He said that the NEP does not oppose English but insists on mother tongue citing the example of countries such as Japan, Germany, Israel where education is imparted in their own languages and yet the countries are successful. He further said that NEP 2020 lays the foundation for ‘Atma-nirbharata’ (self-reliance) with the introduction of vocational training at an early stage along with `Study in India’ which will encourage students to study in the country.

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