Delhi Govt Schools to start classes on Responsible Use of Social Media, Get Complete Details Here

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As per the latest announcement, the Delhi Government has decided to start Classes on ‘Responsible Use of Social Media’ for students who are studying in the Government Schools Based in the state. The state government has taken the decision to hold special classes for students keeping in mind the rising concerns over ill effects of social media. These special classes will be held over a period of one month for all students who are currently studying in schools that fall under the purview of Delhi government, the city’s cantonment board and NDMC. As per tentative estimates, around 7 Lakh students who are currently studying in Delhi Govt run schools will be part of this initiative.

Initiative to Begin from 23rd November

The classes will help students decode the various facets of social media and also explain them ‘how much information to share online to how to deal with cyber threats’. As per the details shared by the Education Department, the month-long series of online sessions on ‘Responsible Use of Social Media’, will be conducted for 1,040 schools and is scheduled to begin from 23rd November 2020. As part of this unique initiative, a total of 52 sessions will be held online for addressing 7.3 lakh students from classes 9 to 12 of 13 districts (136 clusters) in Delhi.

Need for Special Online Classes on Social Media

The state government has decided to make classes on ‘Responsible Use of Social Media’ an integral part of the learning process in the view of increased use of social media by the students. With COVID-19 pandemic situation still serious, students have had increased use of gadgets and exposure to social media. In the light of this situation, the state government and the education department felt increasing need to sensitize students about the ills of social media.

Speaking about the need of Special Classes on Responsible Use of Social Media, Deputy Director of Education Mohinder Pal said “Threat through the unknown and anonymous cyber world is a harsh reality nowadays. Ease of access and unmonitored reach has exposed the children to unscrupulous elements on the net.” He also added that “the series on ‘Responsible use of Social Media’ will create awareness about the various kinds of threats on the internet and also ways to secure oneself from these threats. The children will also be sensitised about responsible use of social media.”

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