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CBSE Class 10 Science Sample Paper 2020 with Answers & Marking Scheme: Get Free PDF Download

CBSE released the class 10th sample papers and marking schemes of all subjects according to the changed pattern which will be followed while preparing the questions papers for board exam 2020. Here, we present the CBSE sample paper and marking scheme for Class 10 Science subject. Students must thoroughly analyse the pattern of the question paper and marking scheme to make an effective plan for the board exam preparations.

Structure of CBSE Class 10 Science Sample Paper 2020

  • The question paper consists of 30 questions divided into three sections – A, B and C.
  • Question numbers 1 to 14 in Section-A are all one mark questions which include MCQs, VSA type and assertion-reason type questions. These are to be answered in one word or in one sentence.
  • Question numbers 15 to 24 in Section-B are three-mark questions which include short answer type questions. These are to be answered in about 50-60 words each.
  • Question numbers 25 to 30 in Section-C are five-mark questions which include long answer type questions. These are to be answered in about 80-90 words each.
  • Paper carries a total of 80 marks.

There is no overall choice in the paper. However, internal choices are provided in:

  • 3 questions of Section-A
  • 3 questions of Section-B
  • 3 questions of Section-C

Class 10 Science Sample Question Paper 2020 is provided below:


1. Define catenation.

2. How does valency of an element vary across a period?

3. Answer question numbers 3(a) – 3(d) on the basis of your understanding of the following paragraph and the related studied concepts.

Renewable energy sources such as wind energy are vital for the Indian economy, not only from the point of view of supply, but also from the perspective of environmental and social benefits. India is the world’s fifth largest wind-power producer and the largest windmill facilities in India are installed in Tamil Nadu. Muppandal is a small village of Tamil Nadu and one of the most important sites of wind-farm in the state. It uses wind from the Arabian Sea to produce renewable energy. The suitability of Muppandal as a site for wind farms stems from its geographical location as it has access to the seasonal monsoon winds.

CBSE Class 10 Science Sample Question Paper 2020 with Marking Scheme

The electrical generators used on wind turbines in sites like Muppandal, produce an output AC of 240 V and a frequency of 50 Hz even when the wind speed is fluctuating. A transformer may be required to increase or decrease the voltage so it is compatible with the end usage, distribution or transmission voltage, depending on the type of interconnection.

3 (a) State the principle behind electric generator.

3 (b) The output frequency of wind turbine is 50 Hz. What is meant by this statement?

3 (c) Why do you think Muppandal is at an advantageous position for this project?

3 (d) Based on the data represented in the graph below, which of the two cities A or B would bean ideal location for establishing a wind-farm and why?

CBSE Class 10 Science Sample Question Paper 2020 with Marking Scheme

  1. Question numbers 4(a) – 4(d) are based on the two tables given below. Study these tables related to blood sugar levels and answer the questions that follow.

Table A (Blood glucose chart) Good


Mean Blood Glucose Level (mg/dL)

Doctor’s advice needed














Table B (Blood Report of Patient X and Y)

Time of check

Blood Glucose ranges (mg/dL)


Patient X

Patient Y

Before breakfast (Fasting)

< 100

70 – 130

Before lunch, supper and snack

< 110

70 – 130

Two hours after meals

< 140

< 180


< 120

90- 15

4(a) Refer to Table B showing the blood report of the levels of glucose of patients X and Y. Infer the disease which can be diagnosed from the given data.

4(b) Identify the hormone whose level in the blood is responsible for the above disease.

4(c) Which one of the following diets would you recommended to the affected patient?

i) High sugar and low fat diet.

ii) Low sugar and high protein diet.

iii) High Fat and low fiber diet.

iv) Low sugar and high fiber diet.

4(d) Refer to the Table A and suggest the value of the mean blood glucose level beyond which doctor’s advice is necessary:

i) 180 mg/dL

ii) 115 mg/dL

iii) 50 mg/dL

iv) 80 mg/dL

5 When we enter a dark room coming from outside, immediately the things inside the room do not appear clear to our eyes. This is because

i) pupils do not open at all in the dark.

ii) pupils take time to adjust.

iii) light travels slower in a dark room.

iv) pupils open very quickly in the dark.


The phenomena of light responsible for the working of the human eye is

i) reflection

ii) refraction

iii) power of accommodation

iv) persistence of vision

6 When a 4V battery is connected across an unknown resistor there is a current of 100 mA in the circuit. The value of the resistance of the resister is:

i) 4 Ω

ii) 40 Ω

iii) 400 Ω

iv) 0.4 Ω

7. Unit of electric power may also be expressed as:

i) volt-ampere

ii) kilowatt-hour

iii) watt-second

iv) joule-second

8. It was found that water from a river was contaminated with Coliform bacteria. Which one of the following pollutant might have got mixed with the water?

i) Fertilizer run off

ii) Industrial waste

iii) Pesticides

iv) Human faecal matter


Which one of the following stakeholders of forests causes the maximum damage to forest?

i) People who live in or around the forest

ii) The forest department of the government

iii) The wildlife and native enthusiasts

iv) The industrialists

9. Which one of the following green house gases is a contributor due to incomplete combustion of coal and petroleum?

i) Oxides of nitrogen

ii) Methane

iii) Carbon monoxide

iv) Carbon dioxide

10. Which of the following reactions is an endothermic reaction?

i) Burning of coal.

ii) Decomposition of vegetable matter into compost.

iii) Process of respiration.

iv) Decomposition of calcium carbonate to form quick lime and carbon dioxide.




To download the complete sample paper and marking scheme click on the following links:

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