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11 Products that Will Make Your New Year 2020 Resolutions A Success

New Year 2020 is around the corner and preparations have already begun. This year again will be the one where there are dozens of New Year resolutions. Whether it is to lose weight or to read more, the spirit of accomplishing these resolutions often gets lost. But what if there are products which will help you in achieving your goals in 2020.

Interested? Then check these 11 products that will guide and help you in making your New Year 2020 resolution a success like a pro.  


Travelling is one of the resolutions that everyone loves to take. This year travel around the world and cross-check the places by scratching them on this journal world map. With every trip, feel the rush of minimizing one place from your wish list. Buy this map which is available at just Rs. 499 on Amazon.

Mi Band

In the year 2020 focus on your health with this band by Mi. Keeping a track of your heart rate and counting steps per day, this watch will inspire you for your day to day schedule. With the touch screen, Amazon has this smartwatch at just Rs. 1,599.

Beautiful Shopping bag

Feel good when you shop. Buy these shopping bags of cotton material. In the year 2020, take a step towards a healthy and green environment. Say no to harmful non-degradable bags. These bags look pretty and can also be easily managed at home. Amazon is selling these bags at only Rs. 499.


Start your New Year 2020 with a plan of writing your thoughts. One of the most difficult resolutions to keep, this journal is a must to help you achieve your goal. Whether poetry or a just random rambling on this journal will help you a lot. It is available on Amazon at Rs. 191.

Table Plant Pot

Start with your room and place this jade plant. With debates going all over the world, it is time to make your move. This small plant can be easily managed and gives an elegant look to your room as well. Start with your room and then reach for a whole garden area to achieve your goal of being environmentally friendly. Buy this plant at Rs. 449 on Amazon.

Budget Planner

Buy this monthly budget planner to keep track of your expenses. If savings some extra money fails to be your resolution every year, then this budget planner must be bought. Make a weekly task of writing your expenses in the planner. Make yourself happy with some extra money by the end of the year. This monthly budget planner is just Rs. 602 on Amazon.


The book by Anjali Mehra The “I Don’t Know How to Cook” Book will come handy to those who have decided to cut off the junk in this New Year 2020. With the everyday recipes, you will love being in the kitchen. Making cooking easier and simple, this book will finally help you achieve your diet plans. Amazon is selling this book at just Rs. 200.


The drawer is available in 4 different sizes with modern designs. Make your place much more organized with these drawers. From your socks to t-shirts, every form of an item will be fit in them and you will love the new look of your room. The best part is these drawers are portable and light in weight. At just Rs. 474, this will be one of the feasible purchase.

Daily Schedule Planner

Let’s face it, once in a while, we all need to have a proper schedule. Knowing where our day will be going and what events will be happening, helps a lot. Make sure to buy this daily planner in this coming year. Feel much more organized with this planner and find yourself accomplishing much more in this new year. This planner is available at just Rs. 249 on Amazon.


In all the hustle, don’t forget to take care of your skin. This mask sheet combo which is available in the combo of 5 is a must buy in this coming year. The masks are rice, shea butter, lemon, avocado, and pomegranate. Refresh your dull skin with them and find it as the energy of accomplishing all your other resolutions. The mask sheet is available at Rs. 435 on Amazon.

Make a list of books that you will want to read in this New Year. Reading is a habit that takes time to develop. Make a schedule of reading one book per month. Pick your favourite genre and get ready to accomplish your resolution in New Year 2020.

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